April is Car Care Month: Play it Cool with These Tips from Evans

April showers bring more than May flowers—it’s national car care month. And the timing is spot on, as many of us start to plan summer getaways and make sure our cars are in good shape for traveling long distances in the heat—including those classic car owners prepping for parade routes. Whatever the vehicle, keep it cool this spring with these car care tips from Evans.

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Posted 4/17/2017

Kaleb Williams Story

When I first got hired at Barnes Bros. Motorcycles & Off-Road Liam, the Parts Manager, was showing me around the shop to help familiarize me with the products that we sold. As he was showing me around the oil displays, I noticed that we had a full display of Evans Waterless Coolant.

Dust & Mud Race Photos
Dust & Mud Race Photos

I remember saying "Awesome! You guys have the good stuff!". He looked at me with surprise and said "Really? It's not our top selling coolant." Because I use the product and love it, we now sell about a case a week, and that number continues to climb! 

Barnes Bros. is one of the largest dealerships in the area with five brands of powersports vehicles and a huge Parts & Accessories volume. Because we sell Street Bikes, ATV's and Side-by-Sides, I feel all of our customers can benefit from using Evans Waterless Coolant, not jus us racers.

Here is the technique that I use to promote Evans Waterless Coolant above all the other brands in our shop. When a customer approaches me with a question about coolant, the first thing I ask them "What kind of coolant do you use?' Typically, they will say that they use some sort of cheap car coolant. In that case, it’s pretty easy to talk them out of that stuff.

When they tell me that they use a competitive brand, I will usually say "Cool. That stuff’s not too bad, but check this out! Here’s what I use in my bike." I will proceed to tell them all of the benefits that Evans Waterless Coolant has over the other competitors, such as its boiling point and its noncorrosive, lubricating properties. They usually say "wow".

I then proceed to tell them how in 2014 I raced the Snowshoe GNCC and placed second in my class without overheating. I was on a 2003 Cr125. I raced Snowshoe again on a KTM 150 SX and a 250 SXF and both times without any issues. That’s not really the norm at that track. They are typically sold on it by then. If not, I will usually remind them on how much it benefits their motor. 

 Kaleb Williams 
#540 A Level Racer
NCC, Enduro, Hare Scrambles

Barnes Brothers Motorcycles and Off-Road


Posted 4/10/2017

Race Report: Daytona TT 2017

The Daytona TT race started the new American Flat Track Series off by taking risks. The result was a great success for the series, the fans, and Evans Coolant!

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Posted 3/17/2017

Race Report: Moose Racing Wild Boar GNCC

The Wild Boar FL round of the GNCC, held March 11-12 in Palatka, Florida, was an intensely rough race through black silty sand. In tough conditions, mechanical failures often put racers out of the running, but our Evans-cooled teams made as strong a showing as ever, with many appearances on the podium.

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Posted 3/15/2017