Race Report: Daytona TT 2017

The Daytona TT race started the new American Flat Track Series off by taking risks. The result was a great success for the series, the fans, and Evans Coolant!

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Posted 3/17/2017

Race Report: Moose Racing Wild Boar GNCC

The Wild Boar FL round of the GNCC, held March 11-12 in Palatka, Florida, was an intensely rough race through black silty sand. In tough conditions, mechanical failures often put racers out of the running, but our Evans-cooled teams made as strong a showing as ever, with many appearances on the podium.

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Posted 3/15/2017

Interview with Micah Huss, Iron Dog 3rd Place Winner

Evans Cooling-sponsored racer Micah Huss, along with teammate Ryan Sottosanti, earned third place in the 2017 Iron Dog Race. The Iron Dog is the world’s longest snowmobile race, covering 2,031 miles across Alaska. Thirty-five participants started the race this year, and 14 finished the event.

Huss took a moment to talk to us about the challenges, the teamwork, and his secret weapon.

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Posted 3/7/2017

Don’t Fear the Temperature Gauge

One of the questions most frequently asked of the Evans technical staff is, “How much cooler (or warmer) will my engine run with Evans?”

The answer: Most often, there will NOT be a noticeable change in the operating temperature.

Under normal conditions, a typical car driven daily with standard equipment running with Evans Coolant will operate in the same range as 50/50 (ethylene glycol/water) coolant. Although the boiling point of Evans is 375°F, that doesn’t mean it will reach higher operating temperatures. What it does mean is that Evans waterless coolant will remain a liquid, and maintain efficient heat transfer well past the point where water-based coolant will boil (aka its failure point).

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Posted 8/1/2016