Evans Powersports Summer Intern Program

We brought Damon Rummel on for the summer to help with market research after AmPro Yamaha rider Josh Toth had recommended him as a reliable fellow. His racing history and current pursuit of a law degree made him unique among the applicants.

It’s been good getting to know Damon and helping him get geared up for his work with us this summer. Part of his training included changing his new CRF250 over to Powersports Coolant in the parking lot behind the corporate headquarters. Opportunities shift however, and later he found a better deal on a new KTM. The bike he took to the track was al stock and didn’t even have Evans Coolant in it! It’s OK, that was just one of over ten bikes that we swapped fluids in over the race weekend. Emilia from the corporate office helped out on the conversions because it’s important to us that everyone in the company gets out to the races. There’s no market research better than mixing with the racers and enthusiasts and getting your hands dirty.

Damon went out in the 250A race and showed us how it’s done with a great 4th place finish! If you know the GNCC, you know that 250A is super competitive and 3 hours is a looong time. That’s actually an incredible finish for someone who hasn’t been out training much! Way to go Damon! Of course, like everyone else, he was back at work the next day, just with a little less use of his hands.

Posted 6/19/2017

Evans Features Jay Leno in Social Media Campaign

As an avid collector of classic and rare cars, Jay Leno understands the importance of using Evans waterless coolant, which prevents boilover and corrosion and improves engine performance.

Evans was featured in an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. Leno additionally wrote about the value of waterless coolant in preserving cars as part of his column for Octane Magazine in October of 2012. Because Leno’s insights are as true today as they were in 2012, Evans ran a #ThrowbackThursday social media drip campaign to highlight Leno’s insights on waterless coolant.

Highlighted excerpts from Leno’s article are available on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Posted 6/5/2017

No Water Makes All the Difference

For as long as water has been used in cooling systems, drivers have been plagued by overheating, corrosion and electrolysis. You can solve those problems and more with Evans Waterless Coolant.

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Posted 5/3/2017

April is Car Care Month: Play it Cool with These Tips from Evans

April showers bring more than May flowers—it’s national car care month. And the timing is spot on, as many of us start to plan summer getaways and make sure our cars are in good shape for traveling long distances in the heat—including those classic car owners prepping for parade routes. Whatever the vehicle, keep it cool this spring with these car care tips from Evans.

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Posted 4/17/2017

Kaleb Williams Story

When I first got hired at Barnes Bros. Motorcycles & Off-Road Liam, the Parts Manager, was showing me around the shop to help familiarize me with the products that we sold. As he was showing me around the oil displays, I noticed that we had a full display of Evans Waterless Coolant.

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Posted 4/10/2017