Ready To Ride Rentals Turns to Evans Waterless Coolant to Battle the Arizona Heat

Beau Law started Ready to Ride Rentals to share his love of Enduro and the beauty of the American Southwest with the everyone willing to ride. What began out of curious passion in 2018 has expanded into a fully serviced fleet of KTM, Sherco, and Husqvarna Dirt Bikes, offering riders of any class a chance to ride with the industry's top tech and gear. 

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Evans for Gen-Sets (Hospital, Government and Military Applications)

Evans Coolant Improves Readiness: Unlike water-based coolants that need to be changed out periodically due to corrosion from inactivity, Evans Heavy Duty Industrial is highly stable and waterless so is always ready to go. Generators, light and heavy duty equipment and vehicles that have been stored for long periods will all benefit and be ready for use.

This allows maintenance organizations to reduce the time needed to meet readiness goals for cooling system maintenance especially for hospitals, government and military applications.

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Posted 3/24/2020

Evans Cooling Systems Inc. Announces Partnership with Beta USA

For Immediate Release:

Evans Cooling Systems is happy to announce their partnership with Beta USA. Beta USA now offers Evans Waterless Powersports Engine Coolant and Prep Fluid as an available add-on in their BYOB program.

The Beta USA Factory Racing team will continue to use Evans Waterless Coolant team-wide as their preferred fill.

Dealers may place orders directly through the Beta USA network.

Evans Powersports Coolant is ready to use—no water required. It contains no silicates or phosphates and requires no Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA).

  • Eliminates boilover with a boiling point of 375°F
  • Eliminates vapor pressure
  • Eliminates system corrosion
  • Maximizes HP by eliminating hotspot formation
  • Does not require periodic replacement
  • Protects to -40°F

“I’ve ran Evans waterless coolant in my race bikes for over 40, 3 plus hour national races and haven’t had a single issue with overheating, boiling over or my bikes running hot. When finishing matters I want the best product out there!”
Joe Wasson, BETA Factory Racing Team

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About Evans Cooling Systems:
Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., headquartered in Suffield, CT, has focused on engine cooling for over 25 years. Evans revolutionary waterless coolants protect against the effects of water, such as overheating and boil-over in the most demanding applications. For more information on Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. and its waterless engine coolants please visit For orders, dealer inquiries, and tech assistance please call 888-990-2665

Contact information:
Chris Sebas at or call 860-668-1114.

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"Glacier Girl" Flies Again, with Evans Coolant Onboard

“Glacier Girl,” a WWII-era fighter plane that had been buried in ice for 50 years, was given new life, and a new coolant—Evans.

A Lockheed P-38F Lighting plane, Glacier Girl was intended to enter combat for the U.S. Army Air Forces but was forced to make an emergency landing on the ice fields of Greenland in 1942. The pilot was rescued but Glacier Girl was not recovered, and over the next 50 years became buried under more than 250 feet of snow and ice.

After extensive searches to find Glacier Girl and the other seven planes abandoned along with her, in 1992 the plane was recovered and transported to Kentucky, where it was restored to flying condition.

Glacier Girl was powered by two huge engines, and when restorers looked inside, they found crystallized regular engine coolant. To prevent corrosion, electrolysis, and other issues caused by regular 50/50 antifreeze, the restoration team decided to install Evans Waterless Coolant into the old machine, which was able to take to the skies again in October 2002.

Evans High Performance Coolant helps preserving the Glacier Girl and works great for other aviation applications.

Glacier Girl is now owned by Rodney Lewis, a pilot and the founder and CEO of the Lewis Energy Group, and appears in select air shows in the United States.

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How to Take Care of a Pre-War Car

Owning, driving, and showing a classic pre-war automobile is a passion, and like all passions, you want to make sure all the time, money, and effort you spend results in a pristine car that run smoothly, not a rusted hulk fit only to sit in a barn.

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