Griffin Thermal Products and Evans Waterless Coolants Announce Strategic Relationship

Griffin Thermal Products (Griffin Radiator) and Evans Waterless Coolants (Evans) today announced a joint marketing program making Evans Waterless Coolant the official coolant of Griffin Radiator. The connection between the right radiator and coolant is critical to maximize cooling system efficiency and combining a premium Griffin radiator with the unique advantages of Evans Waterless Coolant improves performance and prolongs the life of an engine’s radiator and cooling system.

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Posted 5/1/2019

Muscle Cars Need Performance Coolant

Your muscle car isn't just any old car. It’s special, and it requires special care and special coolant.

When you drive a muscle car or hot rod, the whole point is showing it off on the road, not having it sitting on the sidelines due to engine overheating.

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Posted 2/7/2019