Use Evans NHRA Track Legal High Performance Waterless Coolant in Your Car for a Chance to Win Cash Prizes

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Are you running Evans Coolant in your car when you race? If not, you’re not only missing out of all the benefits of Evans’ revolutionary waterless coolant, you’re also missing out on the chance to win cash prizes!


Evans NHRA Contingency Program

Evans Waterless Coolant’s NHRA contingency program is our way of thanking our loyal racing partners for using Evans products.

Any racer in the following classes can participate:

  • Top Dragster
  • Top Sportsman
  • Competition Eliminator
  • Super Stock
  • Stock
  • Super Comp
  • Super Gas
  • Super Street

All you have to do is register with Evans, purchase a qualifying discounted Evans coolant package, and display the official Evans decals you receive as part of your NHRA contingency registration packet on both sides of your car.

If you win a national event, the NHRA contingency program will pay you $300, and there are also cash prizes for runners-up in divisional and national events.

Benefits of Using Waterless Coolant for Racing

Evans High Performance waterless coolant is made of a blend of glycols, and because it does not contain water, it eliminates many problems associated with water in traditional water-based cooling systems.

Under race conditions, coolant temperatures can easily surpass the boiling point of water. When that happens, the liquid designed to cool your engine (water) will turn to vapor. That vapor loses its power to cool, which increases cooling system pressure, stresses components, and leads to boil-over.

Because it has a boiling point of 375°—well over the operating temperature of an engine—Evans racing coolant can keep your engine from overheating even under the most extreme race condition, while improving engine performance.

Between races or at the end of a season, is not necessary to drain Evans Waterless Coolant from the radiator and engine. Unlike water-based coolants, Evans does not promote corrosion and electrolysis, and will protect your engine’s metal components during the offseason.

Evans is NHRA Track Legal!

Concerned about coolant track restrictions? Don’t worry—Evans Coolant is 100% track legal at NHRA events, which means drivers are safe to run Evans in their machines for any NHRA or NHRA development series races. Evans operates at a significantly reduced pressure, reducing the likelihood of boil-over, and coolant spilling on the track.

So if you’re running a race, run Evans, because with Evans, you’re a winner no matter what!

For more information, visit the NRHA contingency page or call 860-668-1114 and ask for the marketing department. Want to see who else uses Evans? See our racer testimonials.