Is Evans Waterless Coolant Right for ATVs & UTVs?

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ATV enthusiasts use their machines for a variety of different applications from hunting and farm work, leisure and travel, to high performance racing and freestyle competition. No matter the style, all-terrain vehicles are frequently pushed to their limits. From extreme heat and cold, to deep mud, water and other various conditions, it’s important to have products you can rely on to keep you running and away from the garage. In addition to temperature control, your machine's coolant is also responsible for lubricating internal seals and components, and corrosion prevention. Whether you continue to run traditional 50/50 antifreeze, or convert to Evans Powersports Coolant, here are a few things you should know: 

Can Evans Waterless Coolant be Used in any ATV?

Evans Powersports Coolant is fit for any style of ATV or UTV. It is used by many factory and factory backed race teams as well as recreational ATV enthusiasts. 

Will Waterless Coolant Increase Overall Power of an ATV? 

Converting to waterless coolant alone won't make your engine more powerful, but it will allow the engine to always produce its peak horsepower. When water based antifreeze boils, the vapor in the cooling passages allows hot spots to form, which is the most common cause of detonation. This detonation interferes with an engine's ability to make power, so boiling antifreeze will significantly reduce horsepower. After switching to Evans Waterless, more options become available to an engine tuner such as higher compression, leaner mixture, and more spark advance allowing an engine to be tuned to increase overall power.   

How Will Evans Waterless Engine Coolant affect an ATV’s Engine Performance & Lifecycle? 

ATVs tend to live harder lives than many 2 wheeled machines as they are heavier, take on more mud, and using one in a farming, hunting or utility setting can be a very challenging use. Many want their all-terrain vehicle to be ready to roll at all times with a minimum of maintenance downtime, which means the radiator may not get cleaned off as often and the fluid levels may not be checked every time. Our waterless engine coolant doesn't require a fluid top-off because it doesn't boil out and can handle the added stresses of a dirty radiator better than any water-based antifreeze. In addition to travel, Evans also allows you to set aside overheating worries during long idle times. 

Can I Convert An Older ATV to Evans Waterless? 

Yes! Although older ATV’s may not be running their best, many enthusiasts still drive these machines and rely on them for use. Waterless engine coolant helps to avoid water boiling in and around the cylinder to prevent any further damage to the ATV. 

Eliminate Water, Eliminate Worries

Whether you're racing a quad off-road or using it for work, you need a coolant that will stay in the system and work as hard as you do. With Evans Coolant, you really won't have to keep checking your fluid level and constantly watching your temperatures because Evans will just keep working regardless of conditions. Evans won't freeze-burst a radiator or engine, even over a harsh Montana winter.

"Only the best coolant for all our toys - from Loretta, to the sleepster, sxs’s and even the Toter. Evans is liquid gold for cooling the engine.” Levi Shirley.