Muscle Cars Need Performance Coolant

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Your muscle car isn't just any old car. It’s special, and it requires special care and special coolant.

When you drive a muscle car or hot rod, the whole point is showing it off on the road, not having it sitting on the sidelines due to engine overheating.

Many muscle cars tend to run too hot, especially classic muscle cars that have experienced several decades of wear on the radiators, hoses, pumps, and thermostat. Unless these cooling system components have been well-maintained and replaced when needed, those parts will not be working at their optimum level to cool the car, and that means overheating and engine overboiling could become an issue.

Keeping all engine and cooling system parts in good working order can solve some problems, but not the biggest culprit of all: water.

Traditional engine coolant is a 50/50 mix of ethylene glycol and water with a boiling point of around 226°F. That’s very close to the typical operating temperature of an engine, so if your temperature gauge starts to edge into the red, your antifreeze can start to vaporize, build pressure, and lead to boil-over.

Evans Waterless Coolant is a glycol-based fluid that contains no water, and with its higher boiling point of 375°F it can efficiently cool your engine no matter how hot it gets. That's why Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant is ideal for your muscle car. With Evans, you can cruise with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your engine won’t overboil and leave you on the side of the road with the hood up.

Overheating isn’t the only problem water-based coolant can cause in your engine. As anyone who has ever left a metal tool out in the rain knows, water causes corrosion, and corrosion can destroy the parts that keep your muscle car on the road and off the lift.

If you own a vintage muscle car, it’s especially important to keep all parts of the engine and cooling system in good working order, because the older the car, the harder it is to find replacement parts.

If money isn’t an issue, you can buy yourself a 3D printer and just print the parts you need, but if you don’t have a technical staff and a few extra thousands of dollars to spare, getting parts will still be an issue. With the absence of water, Evans coolant prevents engine corrosion and keeps your car parts in prime condition.

Give your muscle car the care it deserves and keep it running fast and furious: Eliminate corrosion and engine boil-over by only using Evans Waterless Coolants.