Muscle Cars

Muscle Cars Need Performance Coolant

Your muscle car isn't just any old car. It’s special, and it requires special care and special coolant.

When you drive a muscle car or hot rod, the whole point is showing it off on the road, not having it sitting on the sidelines due to engine overheating.

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Posted 2/7/2019

How Evans Can Help Your Car Keep Cool in Extreme Heat

Extreme heat can do serious damage to your car. With a heat wave driving temperatures into the 100s this summer, motorists need to take extra precautions to avoid boilovers, which can turn deadly when the internal temperature of your engine reaches a critical level. Not only do boilovers stop your engine (and the air conditioning), they can result in expensive repairs.

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Posted 6/22/2016

Antifreeze vs. Waterless Coolant—What’s the Difference?

When I’m at the races, it’s fairly common for people to ask how our waterless coolant compares to other brands like Engine Ice, Maxima Coolanol, Bel-Ray Moto Chill, Amsoil, etc. While there are differences between antifreeze formulations, the one rule is that they are all half water. Based on that fact, their boiling point, vapor pressure, corrosion protection, and lifespan are all pretty much the same.

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Posted 6/15/2016