New “Why Evans” YouTube Video Playlist Offers Tech Tips and FAQ

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Want to learn more about how Evans Waterless Coolant works and how to use it in your vehicle? Now you can watch a series of quick YouTube videos that will tell you everything you need to know!

Evans has collected our top videos answering some common questions about using waterless coolant into a convenient YouTube playlist.

Video topics include:

  • How Long Does Evans Waterless Coolant Last?
  • What is The Best Coolant to Use for My Powersports Machine?
  • Will Evans Waterless Coolant Make My Engine Run Too Hot?
  • Can Evans Waterless Coolant Melt Plastic Components?
  • Do You Need to Change Your Radiator Cap When You Install Evans in Your Vehicle?
  • Evans Waterless Coolant and Thermostats: Everything You Need to Know
  • Can You Use Evans Waterless Coolant in a Car with a Supercharger?