Is Evans Waterless Coolant Right for ATVs & UTVs?

ATV enthusiasts use their machines for a variety of different applications from hunting and farm work, leisure and travel, to high performance racing and freestyle competition. No matter the style, all-terrain vehicles are frequently pushed to their limits. From extreme heat and cold, to deep mud, water and other various conditions, it’s important to have products you can rely on to keep you running and away from the garage. In addition to temperature control, your machine's coolant is also responsible for lubricating internal seals and components, and corrosion prevention. Whether you continue to run traditional 50/50 antifreeze, or convert to Evans Powersports Coolant, here are a few things you should know: 

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Posted 12/10/2018

How Evans Can Help Your Car Keep Cool in Extreme Heat

Extreme heat can do serious damage to your car. With a heat wave driving temperatures into the 100s this summer, motorists need to take extra precautions to avoid boilovers, which can turn deadly when the internal temperature of your engine reaches a critical level. Not only do boilovers stop your engine (and the air conditioning), they can result in expensive repairs.

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Posted 6/22/2016