Ready To Ride Rentals Turns to Evans Waterless Coolant to Battle the Arizona Heat

Posted on by James @ Team Evans

Beau Law started Ready to Ride Rentals to share his love of Enduro and the beauty of the American Southwest with the everyone willing to ride. What began out of curious passion in 2018 has expanded into a fully serviced fleet of KTM, Sherco, and Husqvarna Dirt Bikes, offering riders of any class a chance to ride with the industry's top tech and gear. 


We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Beau for a while now, and recently had a few minutes to catch up!

Evans: Hi Beau! Seems like a thin ice question in 2020 but…. how’s it going!?

Beau: 2020 has been a fun year of vacations. Bummer to miss out on so many Hard Enduro Races, but with less racing means more vacations! 

Evans: You’ve got a really cool service available for Enduro enthusiasts. For those that may not know, what exactly is, RTR Rentals?

Beau: Thanks! The RTR Bikes are a Mobile Fleet Ready to Ride anywhere, consisting of the most modern and newest tech available to the market. The Point of RTR is to grow the love and fun of Hard Enduro. By Making it more accessible for long distance fans to fly in and Race like a pro, to building iconic riding destinations in hard to reach places Such as Moab, Colorado, and Portland, into an all-inclusive vacation that's just an airplane flight away. 

Evans: That's awesome! What type of bikes do you have available in your rental fleet?

Beau: For 2021 Model year, there are 13 bikes total.10 Full Size 300cc Enduro bikes, from KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas. With the assistance of AEO PowerSports, these bikes are always replaced and updated every 6 months with the newest models available. 3 entry level bikes, Klx140 and 2 klx110. 

Evans: That's a great lineup! We're also familiar with the AEO crew. They have a wonderful team over there! Do you provide bikes for races & events as well, or just recreational touring?

Beau: Ready To Ride Rentals offers several packages all throughout North America. 
- Daily rentals/tours in Phoenix, Arizona 
- Hard Enduro Race Rentals: Fleet travels to the AMA Extreme Enduro Races and Endurocross, so customers can fly in and out for a quick weekend race and get back to work. 
- RTR Vacations: Pre-planned vacations in iconic locations, such as Moab, Colorado and Portland. Where we provide the house, food, beer and jacuzzi, so people from all over can fly in and experience the best riding destinations in America. 
- Private Build Your Own Adventure: Here, RTR will go anywhere, anytime, for a private group of 3-15 friends. All inclusive vacations, so that group of friends has nothing to do but just ride dirtbikes and soak in the Jacuzzi while we cook the steaks and refill your beer! 
- "Weekend With Series": Personal, private vacations with dirtbike stars such as Cody Webb and Colton Haaker. Ride with a pro, party with a pro, cannonball into a jacuzzi with a Pro. 

Evans: It must be a mechanical & maintenance headache, haha, how do you keep up with it all!?

Beau: The Reliability and maintenance of a TPI bike has surprisingly been very impressive with minimal wrench time, making my life so much easier. With proper protection in guards and coolant, those bikes rarely need any heavy maintenance besides air filters, oil, and tires. For the most part, these bikes have been just Gas and Go. 

Evans: Arizona provides some of the most incredible places to ride but the heat can be totally brutal. Has Evans Waterless Coolant helped you keep the fleet running well?

Beau: Evans Waterless Coolant has been paramount to RTR Rentals Success. We literally could not finish an Arizona Hard Enduro tour ride without Evans in our bikes, let alone races in other states. 
In these nasty boulder canyons where you average negative -2mph, even with a full time operating fan, traditional water-based coolant is not up to the task and would constantly boil out on the trails, not only scorching the motor, but worse leaving us stranded. With the piece of mind having Evans Protection, we know there's nothing we can get ourselves in that our bikes can't handle. Even in situations where we've had fans fail, buried miles back in Arizona treacherous Canyons where it's 104F degrees out and 3 hours of car size boulders back to the nearest bail out, Evans protected the bikes and preserved the motors while we pushed our bikes (and bodies) to the limits, with an operating temperature of 300-400 degrees for all 3 hours. (Which by the way, that bike continued to run for an ADDITIONAL 150 hours/8 months until we refreshed it with a new top end. Zero failures. 

Evans: Love to hear it! Those are some extremely tough temps & conditions. Would you suggest Evans Waterless Coolant to other enduro enthusiasts as well? 

Beau: Everyone should run Evans, and especially those that ride hard. Some seem to be under the impression that it's better to run water so that they know their bike is getting to hot when it boils over. Which is absolutely ludacris in my book. Everytime the bike water boils at 235F, those scorching air bubbles is what damages the motor, as the air bubbles are way hotter and doesn't cool the engine, thus warping the engine and melting the gaskets. A 350F Evans Coolant is way safer than a 235F boiling water. 

Evans: Thanks for the good word! It's all about expanding safe operating temps! What’s in the plans for the remainder of 2020? Anything you’re looking forward to?

Beau: For the remainder of 2020 we have several more races were going to, such as Revlimiter and Redbull Override, and handful of vacations coming up such as Moab and St. George, and we have 2 more "Weekend With Pros" coming up with Meggs Braap and Cody Webb. Lots of events to finish in just a few short months! 

Evans: What’s the best way for riders interested in trips, rentals or vacations to find out a little more?

Beau: Check out our website for any upcoming events, build your own vacation, or follow our instagram for daily updates of our shenanigans!! 

Evans: Good stuff! Glad we could catch up for a few and we hope to make it out to Arizona soon! We’re really excited to have your fleet #EvansProtected. Stay well, stay cool, keep rippin’!!

Beau: Thanks for being our number one insurance protection! Absolutely love what y'all have brought to the market. Couldn't ride without you!!