General Questions

Who do I contact for new business opportunities?

For licensing , new business, and private label /co-branded product opportunities, please email Emilia Teta-

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Where are Evans coolants available?

Evans waterless coolants are available through dealers and distributors across the United States and internationally. Find a retailer.

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Which automotive coolants are water-based?

All other commercially available automotive coolants are water-based, or meant to be diluted with water. Evans is the only manufacturer of waterless engine coolant. All Evans coolants are waterless.

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Which Evans product should I use for my vehicle?

High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant: For cars, and light duty trucks. Also for use in boats, light aircraft, light duty diesels, LP and CNG engines.

Heavy Duty Industrial Waterless Engine Coolant: For all heavy duty applications such as class 8 trucks, generators, and offhighway equipment.

Waterless Powersports Coolant: For use in motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, and other off-road powersports applications.

NPG Waterless Engine Coolant: For racing venues that allow propylene glycol based coolants, but not ethylene glycol based coolants. Not for general use. Adaptive equipment may be needed for specific high performance applications. Call Evans Cooling Systems for further specifics regarding use of NPG.

Prep Fluid: Used as a waterless flush to remove remaining water-based coolant from the cooling system prior to installing Evans waterless coolant. Prep fluid is 100% compatible with all Evans waterless coolants.

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Will using Evans Waterless Coolant void my warranty?

Some vehicle manufacturers may not yet recommend or endorse the use of Evans waterless coolant. However, you are protected by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Evans Cooling Systems provides its own warranty, which covers any damages that occur as a result of using the coolant. Contact Evans for more information. Read the full warranty.

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For how long is Evans waterless coolants warrantied?

Evans Cooling Systems Inc. (ECS) warrants its products to be free from material defects under normal use for a period of two years from the date of purchase. For more information, see the full warranty.

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