Service Bulletin

Number: ECS 000716
Date: July 6, 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The use of Engine Pre-Heaters with Evans Waterless Coolant.

Evans does not recommend certain types of block heaters that are not compatible with waterless coolant applications. These units are typically direct immersion styles and tank heaters that use a very high watt-density heating element and depend upon natural thermo-syphoning to warm and circulate engine coolant for cold start applications. Due to the high temperature densities of these devices and their uneven circulation capabilities, use with waterless coolant subjects the coolant to coking and the heating element to premature burn-out.

Recommended Engine Pre-Heater:
Evans has tested and highly recommends the HotflowTM CTM forced-circulation heating unit made by the Hotstart Manufacturing Co. for preheating engines. The CTM unit features a built-in pump to circulate heated coolant evenly throughout the engine. A built-in thermostat sets the temperature of the engine coolant at somewhat warmer than 100°F to maintain optimum starting temperatures. The thermostat is located in the vicinity of the heater element and that placement prevents coking of Evans waterless coolant. The thermostat in the CTM unit saves energy by turning off the power when it reaches its set-point temperature.

Recommendation for Use by Stand-By Generators:
Stand-by generators are required to start and then operate at a specific RPM and load within a few seconds. They must be kept warm at all times in order to perform these immediate starting and loading requirements. Electrical power (“shore power”) is available except during a power failure. Ideally, a HotflowTM CTM forced-circulation heating unit is wired into the shore power and the engine is pre-warmed and immediately available for starting in the event of a power failure. Evans recommends a unit prewired for pump flow only when the heater is “on”, such as Hotstart Part No. CTM15110-A00. [120 vac, 1500 W; other powers and voltages available.]

Recommendation for Use by a Heavy Duty Engine in a Truck:
Mobile equipment means that connections to shore power are temporary. It is likely that at times, the engine will need warming up from very low temperatures before attempting to start it. In cases of mobile engines, Evans recommends that the HotflowTM CTM forced-circulation heating unit be prewired for pumped circulation whenever the unit is plugged in, not just when the heater element is energized. Hotstart Part No. CTM15110-B00 is a prewired unit that provides for running the pump all of the time the unit is plugged in. [120 vac, 1500 W; other powers and voltages available.]

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