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Evans Bottles

Water is the root of corrosion, erosion and electrolysis in your engine. So, over time, traditional, water-based antifreezes can do irreparable damage to your vehicle's original parts and components. Installing Evans Waterless Coolant is the best way to preserve your collection.

That's why we've started the Evans Museum Program. For museums, keeping their classic, vintage and modern vehicles in prime condition is a top priority. By trusting Evans, they can protect their passion – and their investment – from the age-old issues caused by water.

Evans features a proprietary liquid formulation that's water-free. This saves pumps, radiators and lines from being eaten away. And with a boiling point of 375°F, Evans doesn't vaporize, preventing pressure build-ups and boilover.

Participating Museums

The following have made the switch to museum-quality preservation.

American Muscle Car Museum 3500 Sarno Road, Melbourne, Florida 32934

The American Muscle Car Museum was founded by car enthusiast Mark Pieloch. It houses his collection amassed over 40 years and features more than 250 cars.

"We've seen the benefits of using Evans Coolant first hand," said Pieloch, "We've had zero corrosion issues in the cars that have waterless coolant."

Highlights of Pieloch's collection include more than 40 Indianapolis 500 pace cars and trucks, over 30 Shelby models, the most extensive Yenko car collection in the world and over 80 first place National Show winners. Strolling through the museum you'll see a true "who's who" of American muscle cars.

Learn more about the American Muscle Car Museum here ›