Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. Announces Strategic Alliance with Hydra Technologies Limited, UK.

Sharon, CT—Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. (Evans) is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Hydra Technologies Limited (Hydratech), to manufacture and market Evans unique range of waterless engine coolants in the UK and Ireland.
Evans developed and patented waterless engine coolants to solve overheating problems in high performance applications and heavy duty diesel trucks, and recently expanded into the stationary engine industry. Evans coolants improve fuel economy, reduce maintenance costs, increase performance are environmentally friendly and never need replacement.

Hydratech (www.hydratech.co.uk) was established in 1998 and is the UK's leading formulator and manufacturer of specialist heat transfer fluids for the RAC, Geothermal and Solar sectors. Hydratech offers unrivalled technical knowledge of fluid thermodynamics and heating & cooling system design. Whether the priority is cost, thermal efficiency, toxicity, environmental impact, corrosion resistance or a combination of these, Hydratech has a fluid to suit.

Following the alliance Hydratech have formed Evans Cooling Systems UK (Evans UK) to market the waterless engine coolants throughout the UK and Ireland. Evans UK will also be providing a full installation service of the Economax Engine Cooling System, which has at its heart the waterless coolants. For more information please visit www.evanscooling.uk.com

Evans and Hydratech will be working hard assist their customer's efforts in reducing engine fuel consumption and minimizing CO2 emissions.

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. headquartered in Sharon, CT, has focused on engine cooling and related areas for over 25 years. Evans is committed to maintaining a cleaner, safer environment, and continually seeks to improve product choices for all major heavy duty engine users. For more information on Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. and Waterless Engine Coolants please visit www.evanscooling.com, or call +1-860-668-1114.