Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. Serving Amateur Racers at Loretta Lynn’s MX

Suffield, CT—Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. (www.evanscooling.com), manufacturer of proprietary waterless engine coolants, is pleased to bring its Powersports Coolant and installation service to the world’s top amateur motocross racers at the Loretta Lynn Amateur Motocross Championships in Hurricane Mills, TN.

For the third year in a row, Evans Cooling will have a promotional booth set up on the grounds to assist the racers with their cooling needs. “Sure, we want to talk to people about the benefits of waterless coolant,” says John Light of Evans, “but many times it comes down to saving a racer’s week at the Ranch because the conditions can deteriorate so quickly. Last year, with the heavy rain, we had riders coming to us after having lost most of their antifreeze during the course of a moto. There’s no need for that to happen. When we put Evans in, it stays there.”

Racers can buy Evans Powersports Coolant from Cernics Powersports at their vendor location or through the Evans promotion booth. Regardless of where racers obtain their coolant, Evans will install it for free during the week of racing. Remaining water must be removed from the system to gain the benefits of waterless coolant; this process only takes about fifteen minutes on a motocross bike.

The Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross Series brings the world’s top amateur racers together in Tennessee at a location that is nobody’s home track. Racers must qualify for the finals through finishing well in Area Qualifiers and then Regional Championships. The National Championships are then decided through a series of three motos at the Lynn Ranch over the course of the week. Top finishers in the premier classes stand a good chance of getting picked up by well funded teams that compete on the professional circuit.

About Evans Cooling Systems, Inc.

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