Evans Cooling Systems Introduces TrackWater Engine Coolant Formulated for Pavement Track use

Suffield, Conn., – May 2, 2018   - Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., announces the release of Evans TrackWater, designed specifically for pavement racing applications where glycol based fluids are not allowed. As an authority in engine cooling and creator of the only line of waterless coolants, Evans developed TrackWater coolant with superior corrosion protection and surface tension reduction to provide excellent performance for demanding road racing conditions. As proven in third-party laboratory tests of Evans TrackWater performs better than the leading brands of track-legal fluids.  TrackWater does not provide freeze protection.

Evans TrackWater vs Evans Waterless Coolant

Where glycol-based coolants are allowed, Evans waterless coolants’ boil-over protection and corrosion prevention provide a clear advantage over water-based coolants. If propylene glycol is permitted, as in CCS/ASRA and CRA road racing, and the American Flat Track Series, Evans waterless NPG Coolant is still the best choice. In applications with no glycol restrictions, such as track day organizations, street riding, and off-road competition, Evans Powersports Coolant is the superior option. 

Evans Waterless Coolants are formulated to continue protecting engines even as temperatures increase. Evans coolant eliminates corrosion and the stresses of vapor pressure. With a boiling point of 375°F, and freeze protection to -40°F, Evans Waterless Coolants will perform under extreme conditions, well past the failure point of water-based coolants. All this adds up to increased engine reliability and performance, and longer coolant life.  In addition to powersports applications, Evans waterless coolants are used for high performance auto applications, racers, car collectors and museums throughout the US. For more information, visit evanscoolant.com/products/trackwater/.

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About Evans Cooling Systems:
Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., headquartered in Suffield, CT, has focused on engine cooling for over 25 years. Evans revolutionary waterless coolants protect against the effects of water, such as overheating and boil-over in the most demanding applications. Evans’ advanced technology can improve performance and reliability for the demands of muscle cars, hot rods, off-road, power sports and classic vehicles. For more information on Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. and its waterless engine coolants please visit www.evanscoolant.com. For orders, dealer inquiries, and tech assistance please call 888-990-2665