Evans Cooling Systems - Kubota Tractors Go Waterless

Kubota Tractors South Africa have signed an agreement with Evans Cooling Systems (Africa) that creates the opportunity for new Kubota Tractors to be factory filled distribution of the coolants to Kubota's network of dealers across Southern Africa.

Evans Waterless Coolants are revolutionary engine cooling fluids formulated to prevent cooling system failure.  Common problems such as overheating, corrosion, electrolysis, liner pitting, high pressure, and much more can be resolved by replacing the engines antifreeze with Evans.  Evans unique waterless blend safely operates beyond the limitations of water under the most arduous conditions.Wally Bergam, Managing Director of Kubota SA said "Water based coolants often overheat which can be costly in two ways.  The most obvious cost is the time wasted, less obvious is the unseen damage created within the engine itself.  In the long-term this could result in the need for a complete engine rebuild. Evans coolants don't overheat and prevent the downtime caused by boil over, but also protect from internal damage increasing the life of the engine.  Kubota Tractors are known for their toughness in harsh working condition, converting to Evans Waterless Coolants will minimize their downtime even further".

Evans Waterless Coolants protect to -40°C and have an atmospheric boiling point of 191°C.

Unlike water and antifreeze mixes, Evan is a maintenance free fluid. There is no need for top ups or supplemental coolant additives.  Evans will last for the life of the engine. Owners switching to new product also have further peace of mind as, compared to traditional antifreeze solutions, it is reduced in toxicity, dramatically reducing health dangers.

Kubota recommends the use of Evans Waterless Coolants for all of its tractors.