Jared Mees wins Flat Track Twins Class Championship Running Evans

SUFFIELD, CT (September 19, 2017) – In a demonstration of driver skill and vehicle performance, Evans-sponsored Jared Mees won the American Flat Track Twins Class Championship at Williams Grove, Pennsylvania, on September 9, while running Evans in his factory Indian FTR750. Jared’s tuner Kenny Tolbert uses Evans Waterless Coolant to control the heat on the track.


Evans recently joined with Indian to provide Evans Waterless Coolant as the factory fill for a limited-edition Indian Scout FTR750. According to Evans Powersports Director, John Light, “Jared didn’t let up once in this race – and as far as his coolant was concerned – he didn’t have to.” Traditional coolant in a 50/50 mix with water will boil at 223°F at atmospheric pressure. With a boiling point of 375°F, Evans gives racers greater capacity to handle high race temperatures.


You can see one of Jared’s race bikes at the AIMExpo from Sept 21-24 in Columbus, Ohio, alongside a 1941 prototype Indian 841 that was raced by the son of the Indian Motorcycle Company’s president after the war.

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