Steve Williams takes NHRA Super Comp World Championship running Evans Waterless Coolant

Suffield, Conn., – November 28, 2018 – When Steve Williams clinched the 2018 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Super Comp World Championship in Pomona, he also became the first NHRA drag racer to win the title running Evans Waterless Coolant. From the start of the season to the closer in Pomona, Evans crossed the finish line with Williams.

Williams, Vice President at K&N Engineering, took on the 2018 season with the focus needed to build win on win, and point on point. He explains, “We won the 2018 NHRA World Championship in Super Comp driving a 2014 T&T dragster with a 622 cubic inch Big Block Chevrolet making 1320 HP and consistently running over 189 mph at 8.90. We build all of our motors here at K&N and have been using Evans coolant exclusively for maintaining the consistency and protection it takes to win championships.”

The waterless win

Evans Waterless coolant is the only glycol coolant allowed in NHRA races. Before 2017, the NHRA did not allow glycol on the track. But Evans Waterless Coolant proved that its ability to cool engines at lower pressure avoids overheating and reduces the risk of coolant leaks on the track.

Williams started using Evans to help avoid surface rust in the engine. The water in conventional coolant can boil and expand at high engine temperatures, building pressure that can push small amounts of water to the cylinders. As a result, between races water can collect in the cylinders and form rust spots. Over time, the water eats at the engine from the inside out, leading to loss of ring seal, while reducing compression and power.

Waterless coolant doesn’t use any water, simultaneously solving the problems of corrosion, electrolysis and the pressure of coolant boiling. Williams explained that because Evans Waterless coolant is still stable at the temperatures run in drag racing, it significantly reduces pressure and eliminates the need for draining the coolant, pulling the plugs and fogging the cylinders between races. Not only will Evans last the season without changing, but it also protects against corrosion during the off-season.

Evans Waterless Coolants are formulated to protect engines even as temperatures increase. With a boiling point of 375°F, and freeze protection to -40°F, Evans Waterless Coolants will perform well past the failure point of water-based coolants. All this adds up to increased engine reliability, performance, and coolant life. Evans coolant eliminates corrosion and the stresses of vapor pressure. Evans waterless coolants are used for high performance auto applications, racers, car collectors and museums throughout the U.S. 

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