Strategic Alliance and Partnership with EDMAGS Environmental

Evans Cooling, Inc, (Evans Cooling) a Connecticut, USA based Cooling Systems Technology enterprise, and ADMAGS Environmental, a Lagos, Nigeria-based Emissions Testing and Abatement Services provider, have entered into a Strategic Alliance and Partnership.

Evans Cooling, pioneer of innovative combustion cooling systems research and design for twenty five years, has worked with the biggest names in the automobile business and Racing industry resulting in 21 US and 40 foreign patents, with several pending. Evans Cooling's technology is now widely used in virtually every area of internal combustion engine cooling such as Heavy-duty diesels, Gasoline (Petrol), Marine, Motorcycle and experimental Aviation applications. Evans Waterless coolants solve engine overheating problems, and reduce Particulate Matter and Greenhouse Gas emissions, The result is lowered maintenance costs, improved fuel efficiency, and extend life and usability of internal combustion applications. Evans coolants are lifetime products never needing to be replaced through the life of an engine.

ADMAGS Environmental, a pioneer in Nigeria's Emissions Testing and Abatement industry, features a full line of world-class Emissions Testing and Abatement technology. ADMAGS Environmental's service trucks are configured on a fully mobile platform to provide instant, on-demand decoking, de-carbonizing, de-sludging and decontamination of critical operating systems of internal combustion engines. The result is that fleets of internal combustion engine applications such as power generators, trucks, buses, automobiles and marine vessels can be tested at their various points of need or service, with failing applications instantly brought into emissions compliance without having to be pulled offline or subjected to downtime.

This Strategic Alliance and Partnership imbues significant benefits for Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa where harsh ambient conditions (temperature, humidity and dust), contaminated, low octane and cetane fuels, substandard replacement parts and lubricants and the absence of a credible preventive maintenance regimen all combine to shorten the life expectancy of internal combustion engines and significantly increase their emissions.

ADMAGS Environmental's Strategic Alliance and Partnership with Evans Cooling is driven by the commitment to provide Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa with Prolonged Usability and Extended Drain technologies that allow for applications to operate safely and efficiently for extended periods without requiring constant fluid and filter changes. Benefits of this reduced maintenance cycle include lower maintenance costs, fuel cost savings, reduced emissions and environmental degradation from discarded fluids.

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