Racers Testimonials

Ryan Warter:

2019 NHRA Division 6 competition eliminator champions use Evans Waterless Coolant in all 3 Joint Venture Racing cars! Comp,stock and pro et, and have absolutely no over heating problems whatsoever! One crewman uses it in his CBR 1000 Honda on long distance rally’s! Amazing product!

Bob Butler:

So far we like the Evans Coolant it keeps the temp pretty stable cools down fast after a run. 

Mike Green:

Can’t believe how much cooler the car runs with your product & cuts cool down time in half.  Great job guys !!!

Craig Porter:

I love Evans because it doesn’t form vapor pressure!

Doug Crumlich:

Tom Martino:

"We couldn’t have achieved this win and our continued success both on and off the track in 2018 without Evans!"

Clinton Neff:

"I'll admit I wasn't sure it could make a difference over traditional antifreeze and water but boy was I wrong. Evans not only prevents corrosion but Its brought my staging temp down 15 degrees which makes more power and equates to quicker ETs".

Phil Mandella:

"I have been using Evans Waterless Coolant ever since we put in a new motor. After going thru motor half way thru the year (approx. 125 runs) , the difference is quite impressive. No more rusty looking water,  and pump still looks brand new. No more electrolysis,  no more corrosion. Temperature is stable and very consistent even after hot laps, and multiple runs on a weekend in the summer heat. If your not using Evans by now you are behind the curve. Great investment and a happy customer!"

Dale Koncen:

"Since we started using Evans Waterless Engine Coolant I've noticed more consistent runs and the engine cools a lot quicker than when we used conventional antifreeze.  The is especially a big advantage when round runs are close together and we are depending on the car to run an accurate index."

Jim Whalen:

"Keeping cool running my Super Stock Camaro at Joliet in the July heat". 

Matt Treadway:

"I couldn't be more happy with the results while using Evan's coolant. Consistant temperatures all day long. Definitely a brand you can trust while going round after round! Thanks Evans Coolant!"

Tim Williams:

"Awesome product keep my car cool round after round on 105 degree day."

Dustin Meyer:

We haven't had cooling issues since we started using your product.

Greg Boutte

Great performance with Evans Coolant. Consistent engine temperature and no corrosion.

Keith Mayers:

Mark Kirby:

“We recently switched both our Stock Eliminator and Super Stock cars to Evans Coolant at the suggestion of PMR Performance.  We had used other water treatment chemicals previously with varying levels of success and failure.  What a tremendous improvement this change made in our ability to maintain consistent engine temperatures.  In later elimination rounds when maintain a consistent engine temperature can spell the difference between win and loss Evans Coolant gives us the confidence we need to go to the line in optimum operating condition.”

Rick Milinazzo:

"With Evans coolant I notice my engine doesn't run as hot and it's easier to cool it down between rounds.  As a bonus, it doesn't corrode my aluminum block, heads and radiator like other coolants or plain water have".

Steve Williams:

"I have been using Evans Coolant exclusively for years now because of the consistent engine temperature and surface rust protection it provides. I have found that winning races and championships begins with great products you can trust”

Bryan Worner: