Cooling System Flush

Complete cleaner for high mileage or older cooling systems
**1 bottle cleans a 4 gallon system- follow mixing instructions**

Cooling System Flush

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Removes rust and scale from high mileage or older cooling systems in preparation for the installation of Evans Waterless Coolant.


1.   Determine cooling system capacity (refer to owner's manual).
2. * When engine is cool, remove cap, open draincock and drain cooling system (remove block drains if applicable). Collect used antifreeze for disposal. When disposing used antifreeze/flush, please follow local laws and regulations.
3.   Flush with water until water runs clear.
4.   Close all drains.
5.   Install flush (refer to chart).
6.   Once the appropriate amount of flush is installed into the radiator, fill system with water.
7.   Place heater on highest setting.
8.   Drive vehicle for 2 hours at normal temperature. DO NOT let sit idling, MUST drive!
9.   Allow engine to cool to room temperature. NEVER WORK on a HOT system!
10. Drain system. * * Remove block drains if applicable, drain radiator and heater core.
11. Flush with water until it runs clear. This will neutralize the flush.
12. Start the installation process to convert to Evans Waterless Coolant by following the
standard Evans installations.

Note* It is essential that you adhere to the dosage recommendation chart as overdosing of the flush is not recommend and could cause harm to your cooling system.

image003.png WARNING: Reproductive Harm -

System Capacity       Evans Flush
       (gallons)                  (ounces)

            1                             16oz.
            2                             32oz.
            3                             48oz.
            4                             64oz.
            5                             80oz.
            6                             96oz.
            7                           112oz.
            8                           128oz.
            9                           144oz.
          10                           160oz.


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