Heavy Duty/Industrial Waterless Coolant

Designed for heavy equipment and industrial applications

Heavy Duty/Industrial Waterless Coolant

Product Information

Heavy duty equipment operators have seen extreme benefits and cost savings from using Evans waterless coolants. Large equipment can experience big problems with traditional coolant—Evans Heavy Duty/Industrial waterless coolant can solve them.

Engine Types

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Generators
  • Agricultural Vehicles


Evans Heavy Duty/Industrial coolant is ready to use—no water required. It contains no silicates or phosphates and requires no Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA).

  • Boiling Point: Above 375°
  • Antifreeze Properties: Protects below -40°F
  • Benefits: Reduces downtime, improves combustion, prevents boil-over, provides unbeatable protection against corrosion and electrolysis and excellent liner pitting protection, improves fuel economy by allowing for higher operating temperatures and reduced fan on time
  • Life Span: Provides extended protection for the engine
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To ensure success using Evans Heavy Duty/Industrial Coolant, follow the recommended installation procedure. Evans recommends that Prep Fluid be used to purge the system after draining out the old coolant.

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